Franco-Prussian War Armies - Hesse-Darmstadt


The Line Infantry


The pickelhaub was the same pattern as that of the Prussian version but with the Hessian lion instead of the eagle.


The cut of the tunic was the same as that of the Prussians except that the regiments were identified by the colour of the collar: Red for the 1st, white for the 2nd, bright blue for the 3rd and yellow for the 4th. The collar was also adorned with two bars of white lace fixed by a button. Shoulder straps were red. Trousers and other equipment was the same as the Prussians. 


Officers wore silver lace and buttons and gilt helmet fittings, otherwise the same as the men.

The Jager.


The Jager wore a shako similar to that of the Saxons, but without a plume, covered in oilskin.


The Jager tunic was the same as the line infantry except that the collars were a medium green with a red patch for the 1st battalion and a white for the second. On the shoulder were small rolls of green fabric or wulste. The rest of the uniform was the same as the line infantry.



The Reiter wore the infantry style Picklehaub.


The cut of the tunic was the same as that of the infantry but was green instead of blue. It was piped in red and the shoulder straps were replaced with pewter epaulettes. Collars were red for the 1 stand white for the 2nd regiments with a black patch.


These were overalls made almost entirely of leather except for a V shaped patch on the outside thigh in grey with a red seam.

Belts and Equipment

Belts were black and armament was a sabre and a pistol. Shabraques were in the Prussian Dragoon pattern with a wide colour band in the regimental colour. In the rear corners of the shabraque was a white or silver crown.

Officers and Musicians

Officers wore the same pattern uniform as the men but with silver lace, buttons and epaulettes. Musicians had white Bandlitzen in the same way as the Saxons and white edges to the epaulettes.


The artillery wore the infantry uniform with black collars piped red and white litzen. The horse artillery and limber riders wore the reiter overalls


These also wore the infantry pattern uniform but with crimson collars


General officers wore the undress dark blue tunic with crimson collars, cuffs and piping, and with blue cuff patched piped in crimson. Buttons were silver and the trousers grey with a crimson sewn.

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