Saturday, 18 November 2017

War of 1812 and Project Management - Progress (3)

This week sees the the 22nd and 25th US Infantry Regiments march off the painting table.

These two regiments complete Scott's Brigade for my War of 1812 project. Below is the complete brigade, with Towson's battery.

They also complete the first phase of that project. I say first phase because although the original project plan was just this force, one brigade four infantry regiments, a gun and a command stand, I will expand this in time to encompass the rest of Jacob Brown's Division. This will see another two regiments of regulars, one of militia, some indians, three more guns and maybe a squadron of cavalry. But that will be late, maybe not until the middle of next year.

So the progress against the plan... The first two items, the Prussian Napoleonic expansion and Scott's American brigade are completed and about a week ahead of schedule.

The French In Egypt is now launched. In fact two items are complete. The first is the twin camel limber that I painted a couple of weeks ago is now finished and based.

Second is the first of three field guns planned for this collection.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Lead (and Plastic) Pile Restored

Back home after three days in France, I am chronically jet-lagged after flying Toulouse-London-Los Angeles-Auckland in a single hit - 25 flying hours and another 10 hanging around in airports. But I'm pleased to be home where two parcels await me. 

The first is part two of my order for the French in Egypt project. This order was shipped In two parcels, the first of which arrived two weeks ago. This one contains some artillery, infantry, generals, a limber, the dragoon command and the dismounted dromedary troops.

Much fun will be had poking through the contents of this.

The second is a back order for some gamer’s grass in desert shades for use with the French in Egypt project.

My time in Toulouse was busy with work, but I found time on Tuesday to visit the local games shop - Sabratache in Rue Pargaminiéres. This is a small but very packed store with many painted and unpainted large scale (54mm and up) figurines, paints, books and various 28mm figures. I picked up a box of Perry French line Infantry and a box of cuirassiers...oh dear another project started. Although in truth this project was always on the cards I had not intended such an early start.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Egyptian Ruins - Completed

I had a few hours to spare today so managed to finish off the last pieces for the Egyptian ruins.

These last bits were simple pieces like making the plinth for the columns, the rubble on the floor and the slabs across the top of the pillars. Then a final assembly and a touch up of the painted surfaces.

From my observations of the Egyptian ruins back when we there in 2009 there really ought to be a lot more rubble and blown sand. But this is a wargames building and I want to be able to fit some figures inside it. I am content with the final result.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

War of 1812 Project (2)

The 15th US Infantry, the second unit of infantry for Scott's Brigade in the War of 1812 is completed. 

This time the unit is is firing line poses. Originally I had planned to mix the marching and firing poses, with the former forming the back rank and the latter the front, but once I had the figures on site, I decided not to mix them. The result is that Scott's Brigade will be made up of two regiments marching and two in firing line.

Also coming off the painting table, well technically it is still on the table, is the first of the French in Egypt items - the two-camel artillery limber and Ottoman driver. I can't quite complete this yet, one because I need the spare gun to sit on the limber (that I haven't ordered yet), and two because the dry grass tufts needed to complete the basing are on back-order and probably won't be here for another couple of weeks. But it is a start on what is shaping up to be a very interesting project.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

War of 1812 Project

The 9th US Infantry, the first unit of infantry for Scott's Brigade in the War of 1812 is completed. 

I have designated this the 9th Regiment (simply because it is the first in the list).

The figures are remarkably easy to paint due to the simplicity of their uniform, although their grey jackets makes them a little dull.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

French in Egypt Books

On the doorstep today, before the hundreds of children swarmed through the street for Halloween, was another parcel. This one contained Charles S. Grant's "Napoleon's Campaign in Egypt".

This is a two volume, hard back work. Volume 1 features the French Army.  Running to 111 pages it  contains a brief history of the campaign from the start of the campaign in 1798 until Bonaparte left Egypt in August 1799, with 51 colour illustrations, many by Bob Marrion, plus maps, black and white drawings, OOBs and uniform details.

Volume 2 covers the British Army and Allies. Slightly longer at 119 pages it follows the action from Bonaparte's departure to the end of the campaign in December 1800. Fifty-three colour and numerous black and white illustrations fill the pages, along with OOBs and maps. If I have any complaints it is that I would have like to seen a bit more detail on the Ottoman armies.

It is a superb book for wargamers by a very well known wargamer writing on a subject for which he clearly has a passion. It is fantastic painting guide and helps to feed my interest in the campaign.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

War of 1812 Project

The War of 1812 has been a goal for some time...Napoleonics in America, it is just such an intriguing mix. The goal was to do the equivalent of a division a side but when my fellow gamer Keith launched into the project too I decided that I did not need to go so large and, since he has a large British collection, I could focus on the US forces.

I decided that my American contingent for this collection is going to be Winfield Scott's Brigade from the Niagara Campaign. I have always had an appreciation for Scott after reading his biography a few years ago. He was one of those larger than life characters that 19th Century America turned out and he remained in the limelight for forty years until he fell out of favour in the early stages of the Civil War.

The brigade formed a part of Jacob Brown's Left Division on the Canadian Frontier in 1813 and comprised of four infantry regiments - 9th, 11th, 22nd and 25th - supported by Towson's battery. The brigade was differentiated from other US regular units by wearing a simple grey tunic instead of the usual blue due to a shortage of blue cloth at the time when the brigade was kitted out. The brigade established a sound combat record in the actions along the Niagara and made name for Scott.

My version of the brigade is being built from the Brigade Games range designed by Paul Hicks. These are beautifully designed figures with rich detail...if anything a little too much detail for my impatient painting style. The figures have inspired me to expand this little force at some stage, maybe finish Brown's division which would only mean another eight or so units.

The first unit finished for the War of 1812 project is Towson's battery.

I also based up the two commanders that I had painted about three months ago.

And then yesterday the first of two parcels from the Perrys with the first of the French in Egypt. I simply  couldn't resist assembling the mounted dromedary unit...not that they will see any paint until after the Scott's Brigade is finished.